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Texting from the web or your Android Tablet.

Send, Receive and Delete your Text Messages direct from the web or your Android Tablet. All synchronized with your Android Smartphone.

“The is a great app and it works as advertised”

Jonathan Treese

“Love the fact I can text from my tablet and pc”

Lisa Daly

“Love it!”

Kim Hillman

Dinamotxt extends your SMS to the Web and Android Tablets.

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  • Send, Receive and Delete your SMS text messages on the Web or from your Android Tablet, all synchronized with your Android Smartphone
  • Simple Sign-In using Google+
  • Access your SMS Inbox from the Web and Tablet
  • SMS Backup allows you to backup all of your SMS Messages to your Android Tablet
  • Imports your Contacts
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular Data Connectivity Options

Dinamotxt has been developed by messaging expert heavyweights Openmind Networks. We are a company with more than a decade of experience delivering communication services to Telecom Operators. Our deep understanding of messaging technology dates back to the dawn of SMS when our founders Alex Duncan and Brian Kelly were the pioneers behind the architecture of a messaging platform, which, at that time, was the most widely deployed SMS platform in the world. Since the foundation of Openmind in 2003, our platform now powers over 1 Billion SMS messages every day, all over the world. Dinamotxt is available as a free download and is in the Play Store today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dinamotxt?

Dinamotxt lets you send and receive text messages, using your own mobile phone number, from your Android Tablet or direct from your web browser. All messages are synchronized across all devices.

Why would I use my Tablet or the Web for messaging?

Why not? Tablets are being used more and more now and our Dinamotxt means that you won’t miss that important text while you are using your Tablet. The message will even pop up while you are browsing. It makes sending a text even more convenient, not to mention how much easier it is to text from the Web with the larger keyboard.

What makes Dinamotxt Web different?

  • Synchronization. Dinamotxt synchronizes the users SMS Inbox across all devices. It is wholly reliable, it just works, every time, all the time, not just some of the time. This is because Openmind’s heritage and expertise lies in messaging. The founders of Openmind, Alex Duncan and Brian Kelly were the pioneers behind the architecture of the world’s leading SMS platform at the dawn of the SMS era. Since the foundation of Openmind in 2003, the Openmind messaging platform has grown from strength to strength and now powers over 1 Billion SMS Messages every day, with over 120 installs with telecom network operators all over the world.
  • Importing your SMS inbox, securely. Dinamotxt extends access to the entire SMS inbox from the Tablet and the Web. Entire message threads are available, not just recent histories. As our App is built upon a telco-grade platform, secure connections are used with all messages encyrpyted before being transported.
  • Sign-in authentication using Google+ . This simplifies the login procedure and connectivity of devices.
  • No storage of messages in the cloud, for added peace of mind and privacy.
  • Browser management from the phone. Visibility of browser login status from the phone with the ability to disconnect a web session also from the phone.

How does it work?

Dinamotxt copies all of your SMS messages from your Android Smartphone to your Android tablet and to the web. The Smartphone will also send a copy of any new messages to any connected device. Dinamotxt allows you to compose and send messages from your Tablet or the web. The App sends the message to your Smartphone, where it is delivered as a normal text message. Both your Tablet and Smartphone need to have data connectivity, e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth or cellular data. Each one is an option. You will also see all your contacts there too, letting you text in just the same way you would from your phone.

How do I send a text from the web?

Visit, click on Dinamotxt Web and sign in. All web browsers are supported.

How much does it cost?

You’ll be glad to know that the Dinamotxt App is free to download. A Tablet ad-free option is available to purchase for 99 cent. Your normal network SMS rates apply for usage.

Do I need a Smartphone?

Yes definitely. It needs to be an Android Smartphone.

What version of Android does it support?

Android Smartphone - version 2.2 (froyo) onwards Android Tablet – ICS, version 4.0 onwards

Can I use my normal phone number?

Yes. The App simply copies all of your existing messaging in-box to your Tablet and/or the web. No need for any other usernames/numbers, when sent by you on either additional device. Messages will appear normal to your friends and your messages are received to your mobile number in the same way.

Can I send texts to people who don’t have Dinamotxt?

Absolutely. This only changes how you use messaging, nothing else. You can send messages to any mobile number, anywhere.

Is it easy to install?

Yes. Simply download the app, follow the simple instructions to connect the devices, this will require you to sign into Google+. This will enable the App to synchronized your Tablet with the Smartphone.

Do I need to have a Google+ account to use Dinamotxt?

Yes. Dinamotxt uses Google+ to authenticate and connect your Phone with your Tablet and the Web. This simplifies the login procedure and connectivity of devices.

Can I invite my friends to use it?

We’d be delighted if you do. Please share our Facebook page with your friends (link)

I have a question, where can I get in touch directly?

Lot’s of ways, On our Facebook page ( On Twitter ( On Google Plus (link to G+ page) By email (link to Select ‘Send Feedback’ from the App Settings menu within your Phone or Tablet. We’d be happy to chat.


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